The best place to start getting information for your ADU project is from the County Planning Department if you live in an unicorporated area - or the Planning Department in the city in which you live. Every City and County has their own ordinances, zoning, permitting and guidelines as they relate to building an ADU so never assume something you've read or heard from somebody else will hold true in your City or Unincorporated County area. Here are several of the variables you'll want to research:

  • Site Survey Requirements
  • Engineering, Soil and Other Reports
  • Septic or Public Sewer Implications
  • Ingress and Egress, Especially for Fire Equipment
  • Fees, including Planning, Building, Public Works, Septic/Environmental Health
  • District Fees, including School, Fire Protection, Water, Sewer/Sanitation, Flood Control


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Our Goal

Help local residents take advantage of the State laws that empower them to build small affordable housing solutions on property they already own or wish to acquire. ADUs can help individuals and families address their changing housing needs and can even go so far as to provide them with a supplemental income stream.

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