Learn all you can about ADUs, about local codes and ordinances, about your site characteristics and challenges... Visit the Planning Dept of your City or County to learn about the application process, costs and reasonable timeline expectations.

4 Weeks


DAY 28

Put together an all-inclusive budget so that you can determine if it is feasible to take on an ADU project given all of the factors involved. Use tools like our ADU Calculator as a guide only - every situation is different. Make sure not to overlook the additional cost of utility bills, insurance and property taxes that you will incur. Also consider the cost of items outside of the building like parking pads and landscaping.

2 Weeks


DAY 42

Meet with 21st Mortgage and other lenders that can go over the various financing options available to you. Review those options with your trusted tax advisor. Budget for optional items not included in the home price that you will have to pay for after taking possession of your new home.

4 Weeks


DAY 70

Sit down with us and go over every detail to make sure your new home perfectly suits your current and anticipated needs, and also includes the options and amenities important to your quality of life.

1 Week


DAY 77

Engineers and Contractors will perform required tests and prepare the home site for its permanent foundation and all utility hookups. Permitting is the real "wildcard" in your ADU timeline. Manufactured homes are easier and faster because we don't have to get the home approved (that's done by meeting HUD standards), just the Engineering, Utilities and other infrastructure items.

3 Months


DAY 167

We're almost finished! Our Transportation Dept will coordinate with CHP, CalTrans and Local autorities to get the permits needed to move your home from the factory to the build site. Every delivery is unique due to overpass restrictions, road widths, and accessability from the freeway to your home site. Some sites will require that we use a crane to lift your home into position.

1 Day


DAY 168

We will join sections if appropriate. We'll connect, test and get final approvals on all utilities. You will need to coordinate any landscaping or other contractors you've hired and add time to the timeline if necessary.

4 Weeks


DAY 196

That stands for CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY which also means it's time for a big HOORAY! Your ADU is finished and approved for occupancy! Here's where we throw a big party and hand the Keys over to you.

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Our Goal

Help local residents take advantage of the State laws that empower them to build small affordable housing solutions on property they already own or wish to acquire. ADUs can help individuals and families address their changing housing needs and can even go so far as to provide them with a supplemental income stream.

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