Inland Empire Resource Center


IERC believes that the potential to use a variety of programs to help consumers overcome the psychological hurdle of buying a new home or avoiding eviction is a vital piece to sustainably increasing affordable homeownership and rental opportunities nationwide. Due to the current unprecedented times, we are committed to guiding you through various resources that will propel you toward self-sufficiency in all areas of your life. Please click below for more information.

  • Phone:
    (951) 667-8757

  • Temescal Valley, California

Our Goal

Our Goal is to empower individuals and investors to build affordable housing solutions on property they already own or wish to acquire in order to address changing housing needs and to create supplemental income streams.

Site Highlights
  • City and County Resources
  • ADU Calculator & Timeline
  • Factory Built ADUs For Sale
  • ADU-Friendly Curated ADU Searches
  • Planning Depts
  • PDF Download Library
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Down Payment Assistance
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